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Konfer AI GRC helps enterprises stay confident that their AI adoption is compliant with the following new standards and existing compliance laws:

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Driving Compliance. Delivering Confidence.

Konfer offers a self-service product that delivers AI Governance-by-Design. Konfer provides a single source of truth for collaborative verification and validation of work across developers and enterprise stakeholders, including legal and compliance teams.

Konfer AI Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is designed on the NIST Responsible AI Framework Core principles—Map, Manage, and Measure AI risks—to accelerate enterprise adoption of AI while being compliant.



With a unified view and shared understanding of their AI inventory (data, models, and applications), all stakeholders can now collaborate more effectively to develop high-value (or high-priority) AI initiatives with confident adoption.



Konfer continuously evaluates the AI inventory against compliance and regulatory mandates to identify risk hotspots and the required counter-measures.



With Konfer AI GRC, stakeholders can resolve compliance and conformance issues, so they can sustain their desired AI posture for the organization.

Business Benefits


In the era of AI (and generative AI), every industry continues to be governed by existing rules and regulations that are not designed for deviations, with new regulations being added.


A Governance-by-Design approach enables innovation while being compliant, allowing for rapid, confident AI adoption in the enterprise.

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