• Konfer allows GRC teams to structure a governance process under 10 pre-defined factors—a topic-based approach to GRC.
  • Customize a bespoke standard that governs the organization, allowing assessment and conformance to external standards.
  • Discover all assets where AI is embedded (both internal and external) on which to run governance rules.
  • Choose or publish the compliance laws and directives that are important to the organization.
  • Review/audit if all AI assets are compliant with relevant industry, geography, and business laws.
  • Track and monitor changes.
  • Generate an AI Posture report.
  • Measure each AI asset if it meets governance controls.
  • Classify AI assets as high, medium, and low risk.
  • Manage the risk (mitigate/manage/ignore).

How It Works

Konfer AI GRC

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