Are you ready for the EU AI Act? We’ve prepared “cheat sheets” for evaluating your AI systems


The EU AI Act, introduced with the ambition of setting global standards for AI regulation, addresses the complex challenges and risks associated with AI technologies. Its objectives are multifaceted, aiming to protect EU citizens' rights while fostering innovation and trust in AI applications.

Penalties for EU AI Act non-compliance

For the most serious infringements, such as deploying banned AI practices or failing to comply with data and transparency requirements for high-risk systems, the EU AI Act enforces fines that range up to 6% of a company's global annual revenue. Enterprises that are developing, considering, or deploying AI systems should rigorously assess and adapt their AI practices to ensure full compliance with the Act's provisions.

Cheat sheets for EU AI Act compliance

To make the job easier, Konfer has launched a series of “cheat sheets” in the form of its EU AI Act Control Questions Catalog.

Konfer’s Control Questions Catalog is an industry-first tool created by first analyzing the EU AI Act, and then abstracting the mandates that apply to governed entities into control questions.

These series of control questions — which are available individually or as a downloadable package on the Konfer Store — are specifically tailored to provide Compliance and Risk officers a playbook to navigate the new EU AI Act.

Benefits of Konfer’s Control Questions Catalog

Using Konfer’s Control Questions, enterprises can:

Streamline AI compliance: Control Questions Catalog simplifies the compliance process, offering clear guidance for enterprises to adhere to the EU AI Act.

Obtain a comprehensive compliance picture: Operationalizing the Catalog helps organizations assess their risk posture and make informed mitigation decisions.

Continuously evolve: Konfer plans to expand its catalog to include other AI regulatory acts, ensuring that your enterprise stays ahead in AI governance.

Get a copy of your EU AI Act “cheat sheets” now on the Konfer Store.

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