Konfer at the World AI Cannes Festival 2024


The recently concluded World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) 2024 in Cannes, France, left an impression on the global AI community with its showcase of innovation and insightful dialogue. Konfer's Founder and CEO, Debu Chatterjee, was a featured speaker at two significant segments: the VC Summit's panel discussion on "Key AI Technologies to Watch and How They Will Impact Industries" and "AI Startups: Pioneering the Next Wave for Innovation'' at the Institut Europia Program.

The WAICF 2024 served as a melting pot of ideas, showcasing over 50+ projects and bringing together more than 300 speakers to discuss AI's burgeoning role across various sectors. Amid this congregation of thought leaders, Chatterjee shared his vision on two significant panels that looked into the future of AI technologies and the world of AI startups.

Konfer AI GRC is Key to Innovating and Scaling with Confidence

Where innovation is fueled by passion, Chatterjee’s advice to “follow your passion” extends beyond a motivational mantra; it serves as a guiding principle for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike. His advocacy for taking “outside bets” underscores a strategic approach to innovation in AI governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), emphasizing the importance of bold, forward-thinking strategies in driving industry evolution.

Speaking at the "AI Startups: Pioneering the Next Wave for Innovation" panel, Chatterjee noted that “organizations will have to deal with a lot of regulations...but that should not impede the ability to create products and innovate.” He highlighted that AI asset discovery has a crucial role in navigating the compliance landscape.

With the help of Konfer AI GRC, it can simplify compliance across industries with its ability to automate the mapping of regulations to measurable controls, thereby enabling businesses to innovate and scale with confidence despite the complex regulatory landscape.

Chatterjee, drawing from his experience at ServiceNow, also highlighted the transformative use of AI in enhancing productivity and decision-making within the B2B sector. He pointed out the shift toward using generative AI for unstructured data, significantly broadening the scope of enterprise problems solvable by AI.

Looking Ahead with Konfer AI GRC

As we reflect on our impactful presence at the WAICF 2024, the path forward is clear: we want to empower businesses to fully leverage AI’s potential within the frameworks of governance and compliance. Chatterjee’s insights not only reinforce our dedication to leading in AI GRC but also spotlight the opportunities for businesses to innovate responsibly. We invite you to join us on this journey and explore how Konfer AI GRC can guide your enterprise toward ethical AI use, effective risk management, and comprehensive compliance.

Join Us on this AI Journey

The world of AI governance is ever-evolving, and Konfer is at the forefront of this transformation. If you’re looking to stay ahead in compliance, risk management, and ethical AI use, schedule a demo of Konfer AI GRC and discover how it can empower your enterprise to navigate the future confidently.

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