June 29, 2023

Establishing a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for AI Risk Management and Governance


As renowned Stanford philosopher Rob Reich puts it, AI science is akin to an adolescent on the brink of adulthood, possessing incredible abilities but yet to fully develop the mature judgment that tempers its potential risk.

Indeed, AI systems require comprehensive oversight and robust AI governance tools for effective AI risk management. They should be transparent, providing clear insights into their decision-making processes, thus ensuring compliance while fostering trust and confidence.

The Importance of a Single Source of AI Truth

Establishing a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) is a fundamental requirement for achieving transparency, governance, and risk management in AI systems.

A Single Source of Truth is "a philosophy for collecting data from across the enterprise and aggregating it into a central repository." For AI, an SSOT is a unified database of your AI assets and their usage, encompassing data from the entire AI lifecycle, from development to deployment and optimization.

A Single Source of AI Truth enhances visibility and transparency, which are essential for effective risk management and governance. To leverage this effectively, the SSOT should have automated data aggregation capabilities. This automation will lead to greater efficiency, scalability, and precision needed for risk management and governance in AI systems.

Harnessing Konfer for an Automated SSOT

Konfer provides businesses with a Single Source of AI Truth, automatically collating and organizing data about their entire AI ecosystem — including all AI solutions, models, data, apps, and actionable directives.

Konfer goes beyond data aggregation, however. As the only product to abstract AI compliance and conformance requirements — including the EU AI Act, NIST AI Risk Management Framework, the OECD AI Policies, and more — into measurable controls, Konfer is designed to help organizations successfully adopt a “Governance by Design” approach to their development and procurement process for AI applications. It maps, measures, and manages all AI-powered applications throughout development, deployment, and production.

It also generates a real time Konfer Confidence Score, which enables organizations to stay compliant with all internal standards and external laws by proactively identifying, understanding, and mitigating potential risks.

Konfer generates operational alerts and reports, integrating with an organization’s service management and collaboration systems such as Slack. It enables stakeholders to be alerted to instances of non-compliance and automatically documents the compliance status of AI/ML applications, models, and data to internal and external guidelines, standards, and directives using Konfer Confidence Scores and Cards.

With Konfer, you can have full confidence that your AI systems are well-governed and risks are mitigated, ensuring smooth business operations, enhanced collaboration, and increased regulatory confidence.

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