Konfer+Intel: Accelerating AI Governance


All of us at Konfer are super thrilled to be accepted into the Intel Disruptor program. Konfer will be working with Intel to Drive AI Governance, Accelerate Enterprise AI Innovation and Adoption that are compliant with global regulations. As part of Intel’s Disruptor program, Konfer will deliver AI Governance leveraging Intel hardware and Large Language Models, especially for the Federal Government.

Our induction into the Intel Disruptor Program validates our focus on AI Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), with a special focus in the Federal space. Konfer AI GRC is a Governance-by-Design product for continuous compliance to accelerate a responsible enterprise adoption of AI.

Powered by generative AI, Konfer converts policies and regulations to controls and creates a governance playbook; helps enterprises map all their AI assets (data, models, and apps); measures the assets’ risk posture in real-time in accordance to the governance playbook, and assesses the conformance of these assets to AI and other statutory regulations.

Leveraging the Intel Disruptor Program is a game changer for the AI Governance space. Running the Konfer AI GRC on Intel hardware and using their LLMs to deliver continuous compliance to agencies like the US Navy, and others is a win-win-win scenario—the Federal agency is assured of the reliability of Intel inside and can experience the power of Konfer AI GRC guard-railed by the Intel ecosystem.

“As government and commercial agencies increasingly explore the power and benefits of AI innovation, it is critical that they follow compliance and regulatory mandates, build trust and explainability, and deliver consistent brand experiences. We are delighted to bring Konfer to the Intel Disruptor Program, as we see the advantage of their outside-in approach to enable a frictionless AI governance environment,” said Arijit Bandyopadhyay, CTO - Enterprise Analytics & AI, Head of Strategy - Enterprise & Cloud, Data Center and Artificial Intelligence Group at Intel Corporation.

“Konfer's AI GRC solution is well-suited to help government agencies comply with the various principles and requirements outlined in President Biden's Executive Order, especially in areas of safety, security, responsible innovation, and enhancing governance capacity. Konfer is enabling the US Navy to structure and execute AI governance across multiple standards,” said Dr. Baskar Jayaraman, CTO of Konfer.

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