Making Compliance Accessible for Enterprise: Konfer Playbook™ Controls Excel in Readability Compared to Law and Consulting Firms


Legal regulations and policies are often written in complex language that makes it hard for enterprises to analyze and respond to them without support from law and consulting firms that specialize in compliance. Konfer Playbook™ is designed to enable operationalization and empower employees at all levels of enterprise to manage and support regulatory compliance. It achieves this by generating control questions that are taskable, actionable and can be distributed to employees in all departments to review and answer.

In a recent project, Konfer worked with three different clients to generate control questions for the EU DORA Act. The first client was a global law firm, the second was a global financial institution, and the third was a global consulting service. Konfer Playbook™ analyzed two articles selected by them and generated control questions. The clients generated their own control questions for coverage comparison.

Once collected, we ran a readability analysis on the four sets of control questions. The algorithm used to evaluate readability is known as the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, which indicates the expected years of formal schooling for a human who would be able to read the text.

Question Generator Article Number Number of Questions Mean FKGL Readability
Konfer Playbook™ 13 28 16.7
30 57 15.7
Global Law Firm 13 15 26.4
Global Financial Institution 30 23 24.6
Global Consulting Service 30 31 26.9

As seen above, Konfer Playbook™ generated significantly more questions than the clients’ and were also scored at a significantly lower grade level. Essentially, clients’ questions require a post-graduate reading level, with the Law Firm’s questions verging into the complexity of an academic paper. On the other hand, Konfer Playbook™ generates questions that are comprehensible to anyone at or higher than a high school education.

Why is this important?

Time: Employees are busy. When presented with a compliance questionnaire they need to review and answer, having a list of simple, easy to comprehend questions significantly speeds up the process and makes it more likely that employees will complete the assigned task.

Empowerment: With less complex questions, reliance on outside consultants and lawyers is reduced. Enterprises can trust their employees to uphold compliance regulations and distribute questions to the relevant departments.

Operationalization: GRC software systems and other compliance tools operate more efficiently with simpler controls that can be answered with simple Y/N or Boolean checks with evidence. The controls can be supported with actual text from supporting documents attached to the process. This allows large enterprises with multiple regulations that may change rapidly to stay effective and utilize their software to its highest potential. This similarly applies to enterprises using AI tools to copilot their compliance processes.

For law and consulting firms, Konfer Playbook™ is a cost and time saver.

The Playbook™ is not meant for automation or removing jobs. Rather, it will help firms be successful predictably, operate with greater speed ,and assist their clients by empowering them. Instead of engaging in the copious work of picking up each new regulation and analyzing it, then manually working with the client to employ new practices, firms can install the software as an add-on to their services. Lawyers and consultants will then act as human overseers to identify any missing elements and correct the generated controls as required. This allows them to focus on bigger picture, strategic endeavors as opposed to tedious minutiae. Furthermore, the performance of an AI system is independent to the number of pages read, and by whom. With conservative assumptions, we estimate that an increased velocity of completing tasks allows five times more clients to be serviced in the same time as before. As a result, law and consulting firms can expect increased revenues as well as increased bandwidth to take on more clients and projects by utilizing Konfer Playbook™.

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