Mastering Global Regulatory Challenges with Konfer’s Embedded Compliance


Businesses face the complex task of staying compliant with many evolving global regulations. This constant evolution demands continuous monitoring and adaptation, diverting valuable resources from core activities. Konfer's Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform provides a solution, enabling businesses to manage regulatory demands in real time with exceptional responsiveness and reliability.

The Challenge of Global Regulations

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of global regulations is like navigating a maze blindfolded. Traditional methods, often manual and time-consuming, struggle to keep pace, leading to potential compliance gaps and increased risk.

According to a survey by Accenture, 93% of compliance leaders agree that new technologies such as AI make compliance easier by automating tasks and reducing human error. Furthermore, the 2023 Cost of Compliance Report by Thomson Reuters highlights that regulatory changes and cost pressures are significant challenges for compliance officers, with many expecting compliance-related costs to rise by up to 30% over the next two years​.

How Konfer Transforms Compliance Management

Konfer's CaaS platform embeds compliance into your organization's operations, ensuring you remain compliant with current regulations and adapt to new ones as they arise. The platform allows continuous monitoring of your regulatory posture, identifying and addressing potential compliance issues before they escalate. It covers over 1.3 million global regulations, ensuring compliance across all jurisdictions, which is essential for multinational organizations with diverse regulatory requirements.

By automating tedious aspects of compliance, from control generation to risk assessment, Konfer's CaaS platform lightens the load on your compliance teams. This not only increases accuracy and efficiency but also enables swift responses to regulatory changes. With Konfer, you can focus on your core activities, knowing that your compliance needs are being met.

Key Features of Konfer’s CaaS Platform

  • Continuous Assessment and Measurement: Provides customizable scoring systems and real-time evaluations to ensure ongoing adherence to multiple standards and directives.

  • Automated Control Generation and Grouping: Converts bespoke policies into actionable governance controls, streamlining compliance processes.

  • AI Asset Knowledge Graph: Automates the discovery and mapping of relationships between AI assets, offering clear insights into compliance status.

  • Governance Playbook Implementation: Facilitates collaboration through automated responses, annotations, and integration with tools like email, Slack, and Teams.

  • Advanced IT Risk Evaluation and Compliance Dashboards: Offers comprehensive tools for searching, querying, drilling down, and managing apps, models, and data cards.

  • Remediation and Exception Management: Supports annotations, query updates, reporting, and integration with other service desk products and GRCs.

  • Reporting: Delivers AI posture reports and supports natural language queries for more accessible compliance documentation.

  • Flexible Deployment Options: Available on Konfer Cloud or as an Enterprise On-Premises solution.

Who Will Benefit from Konfer’s CaaS Platform?

Konfer’s CaaS platform delivers significant benefits across various teams within your organization. For Legal & Compliance Teams, Konfer helps establish robust AI governance, drive continuous compliance, provide real-time AI posture for the board, and prioritize risk and compliance resolution for business continuity. Development Teams can integrate Governance-by-Design into the AI development workflow, enhancing productivity and compliance assurance. Leadership benefits from reviewing real-time AI posture and risk exposure, quickly deciding and prioritizing which risks to mitigate, and ensuring decisions are auditable.

Ensuring Long-Term Compliance Success with Konfer

Konfer addresses current regulatory challenges and anticipates future changes, ensuring your organization stays ahead. Proactive regulatory forecasting analyzes trends in regulatory changes to provide insights into potential future requirements, helping companies prepare in advance. Continuous improvement and updates regularly enhance tools with the latest advancements and compliance requirements, maintaining their effectiveness and relevance as technology and regulations evolve. As your organization grows, Konfer’s tools scale accordingly, ensuring compliance is maintained without sacrificing performance or security.

Stay ahead with Konfer’s embedded compliance and transform your compliance management. Contact us today!

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