August 11, 2023

Overcoming the Challenges of AI Governance with Konfer


Implementing AI governance policies across an enterprise is no small task as it presents several significant challenges that can seem daunting even to the most technologically advanced organizations.

These challenges are far from insurmountable, however. With the right approach and the right tool, enterprises can effectively address these challenges and unlock the full potential of AI.

Challenges in implementing AI governance policies

Apps use many models and data sets. A chatbot for employees may have a very different risk profile than a chatbot for customers. Companies need to understand the entire asset in order to apply different sisk classification methods. An employee app, for example, may need to be compliant with EEOC guidelines while a Finance-oriented credit risk app must comply with the Federal Reserve Board’s SR 11-7. This can make compliance and governance extremely challenging.

Compliance with evolving AI regulations

Governments worldwide are developing new regulations to control AI use. Given the dynamic nature of these regulations and the global reach of many businesses, keeping up can be daunting.

This is where Konfer truly shines. It keeps you in compliance with evolving regulations, adapting quickly to changes. Its robust platform helps you update your AI governance policies to meet current standards, ensuring you're always on the right side of the law.

Konfer is the only AI governance solution to abstract Al compliance and conformance requirements into measurable controls. If your company is governed by any of the key compliance laws — such as the EU AI Act, the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, and OECD AI guidelines — Konfer can bring visibility into all your AI assets and help you mitigate any potential compliance risks as you deploy and develop AI products.

A 6-Week journey to proactive AI governance

Konfer provides a structured 6-week roadmap that guides enterprises from being reactive to proactive when it comes to AI governance.

Week 1 introduces you to the Konfer Cloud and its AI posture dashboard. It kickstarts the process of improving your AI governance stance.

Week 2 lets you customize your policy controls according to your organization's requirements, making your AI governance truly yours.

Weeks 3-5 focus on enhancing your AI posture and expanding the discovery of AI assets. It’s a period of steady growth and constant improvement.

Week 6 brings your journey to a close with the validation and visualization of your enhanced AI posture.

Beyond Week 6, you apply a “Governance by Design” approach to your AI ecosystem, maintaining compliance at all levels and staying agile in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

In just six weeks, Konfer transforms the way your enterprise handles AI governance. Are you ready to begin your journey?
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