July 28, 2023

6 Weeks to AI Governance: What to Expect from a Konfer Deployment


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the forefront in enterprise Digital Transformation initiatives, but this powerful technology brings with it a new set of governance challenges. Organizations are now having to grapple with the complexities of AI algorithms and rapidly changing regulations that affect how AI is implemented and used. At the same time, they are seeking a structured and accountable way to manage AI's transformative power.

Enter Konfer, an AI governance solution that can enable enterprises to take a proactive approach to AI governance in as little as 6-weeks.

Konfer’s comprehensive AI governance solution can ensure that enterprises achieve a rigorous compliance stance in line with internal standards and external legal requirements. By systematically identifying, understanding, and mitigating potential risks associated with AI assets, Konfer promotes transparency, security, and proactive AI governance.

Konfer’s 6-Week roadmap to AI governance

Within six weeks, Konfer will take your enterprise from being reactive to proactive when it comes to AI governance. Here's how.

Week 1: Kickstart your Konfer Journey

In the first week, you'll start your Konfer experience by exploring the AI posture dashboard featuring pre-seeded assets, policy, and regulatory controls. By delving into root cause analyses for risk factors and answering control questions, you'll observe real-time improvements in your AI posture.

Week 2: Customize your Policy Controls

In the second week, you'll personalize your AI governance. You'll supply bespoke policy documents, and Konfer will work closely with your organization to generate and validate unique controls. These tailor-made policy controls will then be seamlessly integrated into your AI governance structure.

Weeks 3-5: Enhance your AI Posture and Expand Discovery of AI Assets

With your personalized policy controls in place, you'll see an updated AI posture for your existing assets. Konfer will guide you in continuing to improve your AI posture, generating reports on individual AI assets or your overall AI posture. You'll also import new AI assets into the Konfer system and, with guidance from Konfer, enable discovery of specific assets from your Machine Learning infrastructure.

Week 6: Validate and Visualize your Enhanced AI Posture

In the final week of the onboarding process, you'll upload more critical documentation related to your new assets to Konfer. Through a combination of GenAI and manual techniques, Konfer will analyze and answer control questions. You'll validate the accuracy of these answers and then see the updated AI posture for these assets.

Beyond Week 6: Governance by Design

By week six, you'll have an overall view of your AI posture. You can now apply a Governance by Design approach to your entire AI ecosystem. You'll proactively score your AI applications, data, and models to maintain compliance at the app, model, and data level, and adapt to an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Start your journey towards proactive AI Governance

In just six weeks, Konfer can transform how your enterprise handles AI governance, from the intricacies of deep learning algorithms to the complexities of international regulations.

Ready to begin your journey towards proactive AI governance with Konfer? This isn't just the future of AI governance. It's the future of your enterprise.

Jumpstart your 6-week journey to proactive AI governance using this link.

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