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Embedded Compliance.

Konfer Compliance-as-a-Service transforms how enterprises can manage their compliance challenges-real time, responsive, and reliably.

GRC for AI

Konfer AI GRC helps enterprises stay confident that their AI adoption is compliant with the following new standards and existing compliance laws:

Compliance powered by AI

Konfer GenAI abstracts any regulation into actionable control questions for compliance teams to deploy across the enterprise.

There are over 1.3M regulations issued worldwide. Every year, over 30% of them are being updated.

How are you prepared to deal with this?

Konfer AI-driven Embedded Compliance for real-time management

Konfer Playbook

A comprehensive suite of strategies and workflows to guide you through the implementation and optimization of governance and compliance measures.

Konfer Confidence™

A real-time assessment tool that evaluates and reports on the compliance of systems within various regulatory frameworks.

Konfer Score

A quantitative score to assess and benchmark your organization’s adherence to a wide range of regulatory requirements.

Konfer is used by organizations such as:

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